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✔metal detector hand wand to help you quickly and accurately find gold coins, gold coins, silver coins, cultural relics, jewelry and other items, and achieve precise positioning of small sizes that cannot be achieved by full-size metal detectors.Perfect for various people like kids, men, and seniors. Note that it is not waterproof.

✔HAS MANY USES:Use this handheld security scanner anywhere – indoor or outdoor events, schools,bar,meeting room, sport events or anywhere you need dependable metal detection,find your lost rings and penny;Treasure hunting games for kids

✔HIGH SENSITIVITY:metal detector wand for security can detect even small hidden metal objects. Detects concealed weapon, knives and other metal object in baggages.woodworking use this for finding nails in reclaimed wood(Nails hidden within 0.2 inches may not be detected).

✔2 KINDS OF ALERTS: The metal detector wand lets you choose between sound or vibration detection alerts. The LED light is also activated to the detection of metal. With high/low sensitivity settings allows you to maximize its scanning ability

✔BATTERY OPERATED:security wand Operates on 9V standard or rechargeable battery(Including non-rechargeable batteries but no charger, please understand)/ battery depletion warning - automatic continuous sound or vibration alert.

✔COMFORTABLE HANDLE:metal detector wand The lightweight design and comfortable handle grip make it easy to use for long periods of time.Please refer to the picture description for the specific product size. Equipped with belt clip for easy carrying.


SKU : 364115376135191
40,00 €Prix
Color: Black
  • Worldwide shipping available 

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