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  • PMR446 license free walkie talkies; fully compliant with the European license free walkie talkies; can be used legally and free in IRELAND , UK and other European countries
  • Easy to use; the RT27 walkie talkies have the same default frequencies when out of factory; no matter how many RT27 walkie talkies you have; just switch them to the same channel and then can communicate with each other
  • VOX hands-free function; after turning on this function; you don’t need to press the PTT button; just speak into the microphone of RT27 walkie talkie and the signal will be transmitted automatically once your voice is detected
  • Security walkie talkies; 16 channels and 50CTCSS/105DCS privacy codes can prevent from receiving stranger's signal which keep your communication private and secure
  • Rechargeable walkie talkies with USB charging base; USB charger is more convenient to use outdoors; you can charge it through various USB charging interfaces; such as car charger; computer; mobile power and so on
  • Suitable for both adults and children; special Christmas gigts for children
  • The sound is clear and the distance is long; suitable for various family outdoor activities; skiing; car trips; camping; mountain climbing


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