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  • Easily handle remote video calls even when you are away from home. After the visitor presses the electronic doorbell, the doorbell will push a notification to the mobile phone, and the supervisor can enter the mobile phone video call interface, video from a distance, and view the door in real time.
  • Two-way voice, intelligent voice changer, girls can feel at ease at home alone. Two-way voice design, with high-power speakers and high-sensitivity microphones, the video call in front of the door is clear and smooth, and it supports voice-changing intercom, which can easily change into a male voice to cope with various situations.
  • Day and night dual-purpose camera, clear image display at night, built-in high-power infrared night vision light, combined with ICR infrared filter, can automatically switch day and night mode, even in the dark environment, you can not reach your finger, you can See clearly, shoot clearly.
  • Rechargeable aluminum battery, one charge, long standby time, built-in 800mAh rechargeable aluminum battery, low power consumption design, greatly improved battery life, say goodbye to frequent charging and battery replacement.
  • The volume is adjustable Ding-dong machine, the appropriate volume can be adjusted in different environments, the receiver placement is not limited, the volume can be adjusted in multiple gears, please listen to the noisy environment, do not disturb the quiet environment Family rest


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