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  • This is a 2-pin walkie talkie speaker microphone with a 2.5mm stereo system (top pin); 3.5mm stereo microphone (lower pin); Distance between two pins: 5 mm
  • This two-way radio handheld speaker-microphone is compatible with Motorola and HYT walkie-talkies such as: E.g .: Motorola GP68 GP88 GP300 CT150 SP10 Pro1150 XTN446 XV1100 MV11 SV10, HYT TC-500 TC-600 TC-610
  • Shoulder microphone With the PTT remote control button you can make your conversation easy and comfortable and can be easily carried on the body via a clip and easily carried
  • This speaker has a small iron clip on the back; So in addition to holding it by your hand, you can hang it on your shoulder or arms as you patrol to free your hands
  • This two-way wireless speaker-microphone can be used in various areas: catering business, security work, outdoor activities, logistics center, school, etc.


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